Extend your applications with Kubernetes

is a platform for extending applications with serverless functions and microservices. It provides a selection of cloud-native projects glued together to simplify the creation and management of extensions.
brew install kyma-clikyma provision minikubekyma installInstallation successful! Happy Kyma-ing :)

Create extensions...

Don't waste time rewriting your monoliths but focus on their extensibility instead. Make sure your application exposes an API and is able to send events to Kyma. Use our Console UI or CLI to connect, extend, and integrate applications.

...with tools at hand

Kyma gives you a properly configured, monitored, and secured Kubernetes cluster. It combines various open-source projects for authentication, logging, eventing, alerting, tracing, and many more. We ensured they play well together so you can only focus on coding.

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